Succeeding at the Intersection of Creativity, Connection, and Competition

In his typical authentic and thought provoking manner, Edgar offers an intriguing look at how we engage in the human art of business and the key elements that drive mankind’s constant desire for innovation. Offering a historical view of our business society, he provides insight into the three key motivations that together produce the unprecedented and extraordinary capability for creativity in today’s world. Edgar explores how these forces come to life in organizations, teams, and communities and the critical role leadership plays in developing and leveraging the innovative cultures necessary to sustainably compete in the future. He shares the key behavioral factors that contribute to the creative and critical thinking of high performers, providing attendees with an opportunity to explore their individual relationship to creativity and innovation, and their own personal path to business and personal success.  

Takeaways include:

  • A entertaining perspective on the history of business and mankind’s constant drive for innovation;
  • Insight into the powerful intersection of creativity, connection, and competition;
  • Better understanding the key human motivations that drive innovative behavior and provide the foundation for human-centered design;
  • The keys to successfully developing, leading and participating in innovative cultures; and,
  • How to personally engage in being more collaborative and creative in working with others.

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