The Human Art of Business

A must read for any leader intent to achieve higher levels of performance and greater customer delight.
— Thomas Lockwood, President Emeritus Author: 'Design Thinking and Corporate Creativity'
Edgar Papke offers great insights for connecting your culture to the customer. Practical and relevant for companies wanting to climb higher!
— Don Schmincke, Best-Selling Author, 'High Altitude Leadership'
Read this book if you want to win the hearts of your customer and the loyalty of your employees.
— Jill Layfield, CEO,
The clarity of the author’s language lets the language jump off the page and truly involves the reader… TRUE ALIGNMENT offers a different look at some innovative ideas.
— Henry Holtzman, The Manager's Bookshelf & Bestselling Business Books
Papke provides a wealth of information, insights, and counsel to guide and inform alignment initiatives. Edgar Papke didn’t design your ‘vehicle’ but he can help you and your associates to make it run far better than it ever did before.
— Robert Morris, Top 100, Hall of Fame Reviewer, The Vine
Author Edgar Papke writes about how ‘company culture provides the framework for how people live the values and beliefs of a group, [and] how they gain and use power and influence.’ Truer words have never been written.
— Marisa Peacock, CMS Wire